Fast, Safe, and Effective

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the most effective treatment for clearing redness and rosacea. Much stronger than spa treatments, our IPL treatments are safely administered exclusively by specially trained technicians at our private Sterling Heights office. The Palomar ICON MAX G™ IPL system used in these treatments works by delivering low-energy light directly into the affected skin, maximizing safety and patient comfort. A recent clinical study showed 83% of patients experienced reduced redness and 75% had less flushing and improved skin texture.

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What is the Palomar ICON MAXG™ IPL treatment for broken blood vessels and redness?

A treatment with the Palomar ICON MAXG™ IPL involves the targeted use of low-energy light to treat redness and rosacea. Similar to a laser procedure, IPL is a quick, in-office therapy that allows your dermatologist to provide powerful results in a minimally invasive procedure.

Will I leave the office all red and blotchy after the Palomar ICON MAXG™ IPL treatment?

Some patients do experience redness directly after their treatment. This redness fades pretty quickly (within the evening), but after every IPL treatment, our staff will apply a soothing cream and sunscreen. We are also more than happy to provide you with a cream from our dermatologist recommend line of skin care products, Replenix, that you can take home with you.

How many treatments with the Palomar ICON MAXG™ IPL should I have to see the best results?

Most patients with only uneven or spotty pigmentation or broken capillaries will see complete results in one treatment. Those seeking to treat rosacea will need ongoing treatments until their symptoms resolve, which can take months to years, depending upon their reaction to the treatments. Certain skin types will see results faster, in particular those with the fairest skin, see results the fastest.

When will I start to see results from my treatment with the Palomar ICON MAXG™ IPL? What should I expect in terms of healing with my treatment with the Palomar ICON MAXG™ IPL?

You might see some redness the day of your treatment. That should completely resolve overnight, leaving your face back to normal by morning. Your pigmented spots will be darker at first, but around 10-14 days they will shed the damaged cells and heal without pigmentation. You might also experience some light bruising as your broken capillaries clear away, but this is very rare. YOU MUST WEAR SUNSCREEEN after this procedure. Not doing so may cause you to have an adverse reaction, making pigmented spots even darker, or more widespread. You will have sunscreen applied before you leave the office, and we can recommend products for continued use if you don’t already have a sunscreen you use, but any sunscreen over 15 SPF is just fine. The upside to this is that wearing sunscreen will also help you to prolong the effects of the treatment, protecting your investment.