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Melasma Treatment

  • Laser for Melasma is non–invasive and clinically proven to be safe and easily managed into your schedule.
  • The triggers for Melasma are:  Medications, Sun Exposure, Hormonal Changes, and Cosmetics.
  • It is caused by an over production of melanin – a natural substance in the body that gives the skin its color and can lead to dark patches on your face, forehead, cheeks, upper lips and chin.
  • While Melasma can occur in anyone, women are more prone to the condition.
  • The laser penetrates the skin at a shallow depth, targeting the layers where the unwanted pigment in the Melasma resides. It breaks up the pigmentation, which is then reabsorbed by your body.
  • The number of Laser treatments will vary.  It will depend on the location, size and pigment of the Melasma.  Consultations will determine the individual treatment for your specific needs.


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